Interview of Dr. Taling Tene Rodrigue, on the G20 sumit in BALI

Interview of Dr. Taling Tene Rodrigue, on the G20 sumit in BALI

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  1. At the G20 Bali Summit, President Xi Jinping expressed support for the African Union to join the G20. China is the first to publicly support the AU’s participation in the G20. What signal do you think this sends?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Dr. TALING: President Xi’s call for African Union to join the G20 is a strong signal not only to G20 members countries, but to the entire global community. It’s an alarm call for the global governance system to play a more inclusive role so that no country will be left behind. According to president Xi, all countries have the equal rights to development and prosperity, modernization should not be destined to some privileged countries.Therefore, Africa through is governing body the African Union, should be part of the G20 so that African countries could benefit directly from the opportunities and possibilities created by the G20 platform. This is a leadership vision of a world with shared prosperity, of a community with shared destiny where no country is excluded. As the human community is celebrating its 8 billions population this November, president Xi assures that there’s a place for everyone to develop and proper. So it is for the continent of Africa. 
    1. At the G20 Bali Summit, President Xi Jinping emphasized that China that is constantly moving towards modernization will surely provide more opportunities for the world. Chinese-style modernization is a key word for understanding China in the future. How do you understand the difference between Chinese-style modernization and Western modernization? What do you think Chinese-style modernization means for Africa?


    Dr. TALING: “Actions” are powered up by “ideas”. To understand the Chinese-style modernization, one needs to understand the ideology behind it. For my understanding, the main ideology that powers up the Chinese-style modernization can be resumed as “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics”. It’s a new set of thinking and way of living that characterize the Chinese people. It’s the guiding ideology of the comunist party of China Incarnated by it’s leader, the president Xi Jinping. It’s an ideology profoundly rooted in the Marxism, and thus, reflects a vision of social development and management. If not profoundly studied and understood, it won’t be possible to understand the Chinese-style modernization that is the immediate outcome of the “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics”. Western-style modernization as immediate outcomes of capitalism and individual ownership of wealth is very different and divergent from the Chinese-style modernization. As far as Africa is concerned, the poverty alleviation of the masses matter the most, and Africa could benefit from the Chinese experience of managing and lifting millions of people out of abject poverty in less than a decade. Africa welcomes China experience of development, and China-style modernization will be a source of inspiration for many African countries striving for prosperity.


    1. At the G20 Bali Summit, President Xi Jinping successively met with leaders of African countries such as South Africa and Senegal, and in his speech called on the G20 to “always keep in mind the difficulties of developing countries and accommodate the concerns of developing countries”. What do you think of China’s efforts to increase the voice of developing countries in global governance?


    China have made tremendous contributions in increasing the voice of developing countries in the global governance in many ways. First of all, China itself as a developing country, have increase its global status and it’s shares in global affairs. Let’s take the global pandemic covid-19 as an example, then it is easy to see how China has influenced and balanced the World Health Organization in favor of developing countries that were more vulnerable to the pandemic. Another example is the importance and consideration given by China to African countries through platforms such as FOCAC, BRI, BRICS, G20 as well as in the United Nations where China is calling for African countries to have permanent seats in the Security Council of the UN. China is also the main contributor to peacekeeping missions of the UN on the African Continent. We have also noticed the visit of top Chinese leadership on the continent of Africa these recent years under the president Xi Jinping and vice versa. Theses actions are concrete enough to demonstrate the commitment of China to increase the voice of developing countries in the global governance.


    Dr. Taling Tene Rodrigue, is a Cameroonian reaseacher, Deputy director of the Center for Francophone Studies,  Institute of African Studies at Zhejiang Normal University,  China.

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